Rise of the Regionals

Just got back from the Northeast Regional HEUG Conference.  If you weren’t there you missed something special, if you were there you know what I’m talking about.  Nadine Stern and her committee did a terrific job of organizing the event and assembling the program.  Ron Bonig from Gartner provided an informative overview of the how’s and why’s of ERP implementations, Susan Beidler of Oracle explained the Campus Solutions/HCM split, Margo Morrissey of Oracle walked through the Campus Solutions Roadmap, and there were a host of module specific workshops and demonstrations.

While HEUG regional conferences have been going on for several years, they have recently begun to play a more significant role in HEUG’s outreach.  In these financially pressed times, members who find it increasingly difficult to attend Alliance should give serious consideration to attending a regional event.  Electronics have placed us in geographically shrinking circles.  There is however, something inherently satisfying in making local contacts and exchange local knowledge.  On the HEUG homepage, click on Conferences within the upper banner and look for a regional near you.

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