A HEUG Holiday Classic--'Twas the December before Alliance

‘Twas the December before Alliance and all through the PAGs

The members were stirring including the TAGs

Ryan Chreist from Colorado and Stephanie Dean

Were going through more presentation proposals than our Track’s ever seen.


The users all excited about the Conference ahead

While visions of AAWS sessions danced in their heads

The PAG on their call with James Brown taking notes

Had just started talking about nominations and votes


We were sharing Mark’s desktop to go over PAG matters

When out of the cyberspace there arose a great clatter

Christmas songs started playing; there was snow on Mark’s screen

What could be happening to cause this weird scene?


Then a video started playing through Adobe Flash

“Mark, what is happening? Try clearing your cache.”

When what to our wondering eyes did appear

But a miniature sleigh pulled by 10 people dear


With a handsome, young driver so happy and merry

We knew in a moment it had to be Larry

Though dressed in a red suit with some white fake fur trim

And the start of a beard--we still recognized him.

With a lightening quick memory he called us by name

“Sorry, I’m late guys, but I’m here just the same”


“Hey, Mark. Hello Debbie. Joe and both Jasons.

Hi, James. Good to see that you’re back from vacation.

Hello Darlene. Stephanie. Ryan and Crystal.”

As he greeted us, he nodded and breathed a soft whistle.


I saw the agenda. We have much work to do.

Issue Tracker. The Library. And the Alliance Conference too!

You know I depend on you to make an impression.

That’s why Kay and our team have planned some great sessions.

There’s AAWS, Online Evals and File Parser, too

Roadmaps and Training—just to mention a few.


But to be a good PAG team your news can’t stop there

You must use the listserv.  It’s a great place to share.

Be sure to tell the users—both new ones and old

About sessions where success stories are told

By user-presenters from many a college

Who come to Alliance to share their vast knowledge.

Best Practices.  3 Cs.  Quick Tricks and Tips.

Bolt-Ons and Mod info make it all worth the trip.


“And don’t forget networking,” said Mark, our PAG Chair.

“Birds of a Feather and our huge vendor fair.

The Community Session and the PAG Mix N’ Mingle!”

Larry smiled and nodded and gave his sleigh bells a jingle.


That’s the PAG Spirit and HEUG Holiday cheer

That we all to need to have as Alliance draws near.

We must get the word out—north, south, east and west

The Alliance in Nashville will be one of the best.


Darlene brought up the listserv and checked Paul’s post twice

“There’s still time to register at the Early Bird price!”


As they drafted a message for an email and blog

Larry’s sleigh disappeared in a computer-screen fog.

Mark tried reconnecting while the rest sat in awe

Not sure if it was Larry or Santa they saw.


A voice could be heard as their screens turned bright white

“Happy Alliance to all and have a good flight!”


To see what the PAG saw, click here and judge for yourself. 


Happy Holidays!

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