Methodology 101

It is a widespread opinion that one of the most useful benefits of HEUG membership is the ability to post to and/or search the HEUG forums.  For the HEUG newbies out there, the forums are predominantly comprised of end-users asking questions (“Has anyone…, How does…,” etc.) followed by a concatenation of helpful hints (apologies to Heloise), bloody war stories (“We tried…, Bundle 23 is just…”, and empathetic musings (“I, too was wondering…, Why can’t Oracle”…, etc.).  Recently, My Oracle Support Community has launched its own forums and as I’ve wandered along the HEUG corridors (figuratively) rumblings of potential conflict have reached my ears (literally).  I want to suggest that rather than initiating conflict, the addition of the My Oracle Support Community forums provides end-users with and additional tool for determining action.  In Methodology 101, we are taught the principal of triangulation, i.e., given disparate sources of information, the truth usually lies somewhere in between.  Posting a query to both the HEUG forums (end user controlled) and the My Oracle Support Community (Oracle controlled), allows the end-user to collect a wider range of opinions/information than posting to a single source and encourages the comparing/contrasting technique.  I invite you to add this implement to your research toolkit.  For more Information on the Oracle Solutions Community, click here.

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click 'here'

March 22, 2012 10:27 AM by Celeste DiDio

Hi - could you check  the 'here' link? I got an error trying to get more info on the oracle solutions community.


thank you!

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