Further update on IPEDS changes

Campus Solutions Bundle 13 (9.0) and Bundle 20 (8.9) will contain the following content related to the update for IPEDS Ethnicity/Race data collection:

  • New self-service page for data collection
  • New configuration page for self-service page
  • Update to Student Center, Faculty Center, and Campus Person Information to display the new page
  • Update to the admin page 'Error Message', making it a 'Warning' to allow users to get around the situation where the person has a row for Hispanic with the accompanying value in the Hispanic/Latino flag value = 'NO'
  • New script (possibly via a Run Control) to allow customers to set the Hispanic/Latino flag to 'YES' for all of their legacy data, if desired

Note that the updates to support reporting through Consolidated Statistics are targets for the second half of 2009.  Oracle is monitoring the updates to test score loads and will evaluate a response as those updates are made available to them.  The updates to the record structure, the administrative Ethnicity pages, and the TS189 admissions load process to support the new data collection/reporting were delivered in the April CS bundles.

The HRMS support for these changes is planned for the second half of 2009.  Please see Doc ID 790995.1 for more information.

 Please check back to this blog periodically for additional information.


Dave Baugh

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