Campus Solutions 9 Bundle 24 available


CS 9.0 Bundle #24/ CS 9.0 Additional Features January 2012 are now available.

Campus Solutions Additional Features January 2012 includes:

  • Research Enrollment Tracking Phase 1: Research Candidate Management & Thesis Processing
  • Evaluation Management System (EMS) Phase 1
  • Student Financials Third Party Contract Enhancements
  • Program Enrollment Phase 2: Program Planning and Enrollment
  • Activity Management Phase 2: Organize and Manage


Extensive documentation is available on these features by going to the Peoplesoft Campus Solutions 9.0 Information Center [ID 975038.1] in My Oracle Support. (Also available in Campus Solutions Documentation Home Page [ID 751540.1]: CS 9.0 Bundle #24 Functional Documentation and Additional Features January 2012 [Document ID 1400708.01])

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