18 Days and Counting!

With less than three weeks before Alliance 2012 starts in Nashville, many of you will be poring over the agenda viewer to see what sessions you wish to attend, so we thought we’d just send a quick blog about some sessions that you really should be attending!

Sunday 18th March  - EBS Community Session – if this is not in your Agenda ... shame on you J. Hosted by yours truly, this is your chance to meet other members of the EBS Community, the Product Advisory Group (or PAG), and whether you’re a first time attendee or a regular, we’ll try and give some hints and tips about how to get the most out of the Alliance.

Monday 19th March – EBS Birds of a Feather. Again, if you are an EBS member this should be straight in your agenda. Michelle Lin and Todd Harrison will be talking about the EBS PAG and what it does for you as members, EBS Support levels and everything EBS

“So, what about the other sessions, what can you suggest?” I hear you cry. Well, quite frankly I’m struggling to pick which ones to go to myself. You’ll see that we have arranged a great set of presentations for you but if you are struggling to work out what to go see, you will be able to find a short synopsis of the presentations on the session viewer on the HEUG website. Failing that please ask a member of the EBS PAG when you’re out there and we’ll do our best to ensure you get the answers you need to make the right choice. So, whether you’re in the middle of upgrading to R12 and want more information about issues other have had (or not had because they picked up some great tips at last years Alliance), or you have successfully navigated that path and are now looking to gain some extra benefits from the upgrade, there should be something for everyone.

Also be aware when you’re picking your sessions that as well as the EBS Track sessions (which really should be a must) there are a couple of Fusion Sessions listed under the Special Sessions Track that may whet your appetite.

To update your personal agenda click on the link Build My Agenda and add in the sessions you wish to attend. Where possible please do build up an agenda as this does help the organisers to see if a session is oversubscribed and it can be moved to a larger venue if necessary.

Oracle Involvement

We have a number of people from Oracle who are doing presentations - Anne Carlson, Gustavo Jimenez and Mark Pare - as well as Julie Bullock who will be joining us again. And who can forget Joe Addeo – our Oracle Strategist who works tirelessly with the EBS PAG! All of them are around for the whole conference and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Members of the EBS Product Advisory Group (PAG) will be arriving from Wednesday 14th March so if you are arriving early, let us know and we can start the networking early. Plus it’s St Patrick Day on the Saturday – last one to Findley’s Irish Pub!!

For those of you not currently attending, the agenda is available to view without registering so take a look at what’s on offer. There’s still time to register and the information you gain may more than pay back the cost of attending.

Hopefully see lots of you there in a couple of weeks

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