Thank Heavens for Volunteers

On Monday, March 19th at the Alliance Conference in Nashville, we took some time to honor the volunteers who do the work behind the Communication and Membership committees.  These tireless individuals give their time and effort to further the goals of YOUR Higher Education User Group by producing the monthly newsletters and annual report (soon available on HEUG Online) as well as distribute and analyze the annual membership survey via which we solicit your input on how we can improve membership services.  I have noted over the past year that HEUG now distributes the monthly newsletter in three languages: Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese.  This important translation work was also done by HEUG volunteers and I want to take a moment to name them.  Renato Cayuela shouldered the Portuguese burden and his work found its way primarily to Brazil, one of the largest emerging markets for PeopleSoft.  Maria (Lola) Santamaria provided our Spanish translations which are distributed to Mexico, Columbia, Peru, and Chile.  Jennifer Moesker, HEUG’s former VP for Communications (and whose shoes I can never adequately fill) kept our friends in the Netherlands up to date on HEUG happenings.  Please join me in thanking Renato, Lola, Jennifer and all the volunteers for their hard and continuous work.

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