Town Hall Webinar - Recap

Did you have the opportunity to attend the HEUG President Town Hall webinar? The goal of the Town Hall meetings is to provide more transparency into what the Board of Directors and what the HEUG is doing in the upcoming year. The Board will work to continue to provide quality information, education and advocacy to all members. 

Below is a brief recap of the topics that were discussed during the presentation:

Foundational Core Values

  • Leadership: Constantly work to create, establish, organize and have influence on events, initiatives and programs to enhance or maximize the HEUG’s mission.
  • Partnership: Create, maintain and strengthen partnerships with organizations and individuals in the higher education community and those who provide products and services in support of the HEUG mission.
  • Networking & Sharing: Through an open exchange of information, ideas and learned experiences we strive to gather as a community in support of education, by supporting and strengthening our individual and collective organizations locally, nationally and globally.
  • Communication: We constantly utilize our opportunity to be transparent and disseminate information. Through our collective experiences and partnerships, we are able to identify and strengthen our products, processes and organizations by being aware and making use of a set of constantly evolving communication methods.

Executive Board Meeting

  • Review of Organizational Structure
  • Expansion of HEUG Partnership & Vendor Relations
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Annual Goals & Work Groups

2016 Work Groups


  • Contract Review – Led by Dan Youngblood, HEUG VP of Finance
  • Organizational Structure – Led by Jane Broad, HEUG President Elect
  • Global Relations – Led by Jason Wenrick, HEUG VP of Community Development


  • Oracle University – Led by Brad Finley, HEUG VP of Membership & Communication
  • Vendor Relations – Led by Buddy Combs, HEUG VP of Product

Network & Sharing

  • Integrations – Led by Terry Houser, HEUG VP of Technology
  • Cloud Symposium – Led by Criss Laidlaw, HEUG VP of Admin
  • Young Professionals Group – Led by Scott Munson & Sam Shrunk


  • Expand Digital Media – Led by Brad Finley, HEUG VP of Membership & Communication
  • Socious Tools – Led by Buddy Combs, HEUG VP of Product

Advisory Groups – Election Timeline

  • Nominations Opened August 15
  • Elections will open on October 10
  • You must be subscribed to the Advisory Group listserv by October 9, 2016 to be eligible to vote in the election
  • You must be a HEUG System/Institutional Member to be eligible to serve and vote in the election.  If you have questions about membership, please

Alliance 2017

  • February 27 – March 2, 2017 in Las Vegas
  • You have until October 7 to submit a session
  • Early Bird Registration will open November 9

If you would like to see more from this webinar, the recording and slides are available in the HEUG.Online Archives

Please send any questions or concerns to


Mario Berry
HEUG President
Associate Vice Chancellor, Lone Star College 

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