Moving Beyond the Two-gender System

Today, we are seeing an increase in the number of individuals who identify as a gender outside the binary definitions of male or female. As this change occurs organizations need to be thinking proactively about systems and processes and what strategy they will take as gender designations evolve. Although, we are not required to allow employees to more accurately report their gender beyond male or female we can look to the example some states have taken towards gender inclusion. Oregon, California, Vermont, Maine, and Washington now allow individuals to select gender options outside of male or female on state issued forms. Oracle has also taken steps to broaden the definition of gender beyond male or female in their Campus Solutions product.

What does this specifically mean for HCM systems?

It means we need to be thinking about what data is collected, how we represent our populations accurately, and for those who have a sync with Campus Solutions how data will be kept in sync between the two systems. For my specific institution we are using both Campus Solutions and HCM. We have a sync between the two products. To ensure our systems stay in sync we will be customizing HCM to mirror Campus Solutions with regards to gender identity.

HCM systems and gender identity has been an ongoing discussion with Oracle. To keep this discussion going please follow the link below the Oracle ideas page.

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Moving Beyond the Two-gender System

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