Welcome from the Student Financials Advisory Group

Greetings SF World!   

On behalf of the Student Financials Advisory Group, thank you for being a part of our community!  I want to take this opportunity to introduce the Advisory Group and invite each of you to connect and engage about our shared love – tuition and fee billing!

Who We Are

The Student Financials Advisory Group (SF AG, formerly SF PAG) serves the HEUG student financials community by working closely with users, Oracle product teams and other advisory groups to support and enhance current and future products.  The SF Advisory Group is comprised of seven members as well as representatives from both the Student Records (SR) and Financial Aid (FA) Advisory Groups.  You can learn a little bit more about each of the members on our SF Advisory Group Membership page.  

What We Do

First and foremost, we LOVE all things Student Financials – especially programs like Tuition Calculation and the SF Refunding A/P Interface.  I mean, who doesn’t love a program that says “Yeah Ryles  - we’re in there” (SF_AP_INTFC) or a program as multi-faceted as Tuition Calc?!?  The SF Advisory Group frames its role around three core components:

  • Leadership through partnership
  • Communication
  • Advocacy

Our leadership role for the Student Financials community begins and ends with partnership.  We partner with each of you to understand your needs and also all of the wonderful and insightful things that you are doing at your institutions.  We partner with the Oracle team to help guide the strategy for ongoing support for Campus Solutions and well as planning for Oracle Student Cloud. We partner with other Advisory Groups (SR, FA, GL, CC, etc.) to ensure that SF’s integration points with other modules are well represented. 

Although our partnerships are very important to our collective success as a community, they cannot function without another one of our core tenets: communication.  The SF Advisory Group is dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities for the SF Community to engage in discussion and information sharing.  Our goal is to ensure that all SF community members have a place to share their ideas, thoughts and needs related to SF and our ERP products.  We have a number of ways that we share information and are also continuing to work on developing new avenues for each of you to connect with us as well as with tools and services from both the HEUG and Oracle.

Lastly, we are your advocates.  If something is not working, please share with us.  If you see an opportunity for an enhancement, please let us know.  Although we do not hold “absolute power”, we will always do our best to represent the needs of the SF Community. 

I encourage each of you to join us on Facebook, Twitter and the SF Listserv if you have not already done so.  We will be sharing more exciting news soon! 

Connect with us!

The SF Advisory Group maintains several ways for members of the SF Community to engage and connect with each other to share knowledge, tools or product needs.  We invite you to join our conversation!

Student Financials Community Page

Student Financials Community Home

Our community page is the central hub for all of our activities.  From here you can connect with our listserv/forum, check out our SF Blog and take a look at our upcoming webinars and other learning opportunities.  If you are into the idea of a “one-stop-shop”, you are in for a treat! 

Social Media

Who doesn’t love to see posts about Charge Priority Lists on Facebook??  Although we cannot guarantee that this will not be a post that you see on a Saturday afternoon, we promise to always keep our engagements on social media informative and sometimes down-right hilarious.  Sometimes you may even find that solutions to your Mass Select Transactions problem while checking in on the Twitter world! 

Follow us on Facebook (HEUGPAGSF) and like us on Twitter (@heugpagsf)! 

Thanks again for all that each of you do on a daily basis to support the Student Financials Community.  Your knowledge, tips and tricks continue to amaze us and we are grateful to be able to represent each of you.  As always, if you need anything please let us know!




Chris Foster

Chair, HEUG Student Financials Advisory Group

Director, Student Financial Services

University of North Texas

Email:  chris.foster@unt.edu

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