Countdown to Alliance 2019 Student Records Track

So we’re only 10 days away from the start of Alliance 2019 and the Student Records Track is all set and ready to offer you a whole range of sessions that we hope will provide you with a rewarding mix of new ideas, approaches and functionality and the chance to make new contacts and ask whatever you want to know from your peers, the Advisory Group or our Oracle strategists.


Obviously we know you’ve already examined the agenda in great detail but just in case you have been otherwise engaged we thought we would share an overview of what’s on offer.


If you are interested in looking at delivered functionality that you may not yet have exploited, you can look at Graduation Tracking (session 5916), Dynamic Dating (#5720) and Elastic Search (#5501) and the new Page and Field Configurator (#5612).


We also have sessions that will help you to enhance your productivity through improving the way you do things – such as automating transcripts (#5672 and #6391), exploiting Activity Guides (#6189) and reporting from Advisement reports to improve your curriculum decision-making (#5535).


And none of that makes sense to you because you’re new to all this then welcome to the world of SR! We have sessions that may help you take first steps – such as Student Records 101 (#5801) – and if you want to ask a question or meet new people be sure to come along to the Student Records Birds of a Feather (#5956) and the Community Session on Sunday afternoon.


We’re sure there will be something for you – and of course there’s a whole world of great sessions in the other tracks available to you!


Don’t forget to plan your sessions using the Alliance app and everyone on the Student Records Advisory Group is looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!



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Countdown to Alliance 2019 Student Records Track

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