PeopleSoft Announces Changes to COBOL Compiler

On April 1, 2019, PeopleSoft announced the Micro Focus Visual COBOL compiler is now certified with PeopleTools 8.56.15+ and 8.57.05+. This certification comes ahead of the December 2020 date, when the existing Net Express and Server Express products are scheduled to go into sustaining support.  Customers who choose not to adopt the Micro Focus Visual COBOL compiler by December 2020 may still run Micro Focus Net Express and Server Express, however, as a component of Sustaining Support, Oracle will provide "best effort" support, and no new fixes will be pursued or issued.

There is no additional charge for migrating to the Micro Focus Visual COBOL Compiler.  Customers only need to acquire a new COBOL license file following the process outlined in Using Visual COBOL with PeopleSoft (MOS Doc ID: 2523494.1).  Additionally, it is important to note that Oracle's testing has shown zero COBOL code changes are required to make the switch from the old Micro Focus Net Express and Server Express versions to the new Visual COBOL product line.

More details can be found on the PeopleSoft Tech Update Main Page (MOS Doc ID: 764222.1) or the Tech Update – Oracle Certifies Micro Focus Visual COBOL for PeopleSoft page (MOS Doc ID: 2525126.1).

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