Pop Select: What works, what you need to know, in the end...


Population Selection (AKA Pop Select) is a feature within PeopleSoft enabling the use of various tools to mass assign, release, activate, inactivate, etc., a value to a group of individuals within the system. Those tools include a PS query, equation engine equation, or an external file, typically a text or .csv file formatted as a flat or delimited file.


Pop Select can be utilized within various modules and pages within PeopleSoft, including Academic Advising, Student Records, Student Financials, Financial Aid, Security, and others. It can be used to mass assign/release service indicators, activate/inactivate student groups, award degrees, package students’ aid, processing transcripts, and in the 3C system, just to name a few.

What You Need to Know

Pop Select is a great tool and can be used not only as mentioned above, but in other creative ways as well. If your reporting gurus receive larges files of names and IDs for which information is requested, you can simply mass assign a student group to those individuals and query on that student group. If your institution queries the advisement tables, a query can be written to award degrees with or without distinction (that is, after Pop Select has been used to run the advisement reports en masse!), depending on the complexity of the query being used.

On the flip side, there are things to take into consideration when using Pop Select. While the different options for selecting the population are handy, Pop Select only reads in the EmplID. If your institution uses other ID types, there may be some translation required if that flat or delimited file has any other type of ID. It is also essential to be cognizant of the data and ensure accurate query results when using a PS Query as input, so that you do not erroneously award degrees or distinction or mass assign a value to those who shouldn’t have it.

Any query used as a Pop Select input tool needs to have a specific “bind” record attached, i.e. each Pop Select page requires its own bind record. Some common bind records in SR:

  • STDNT_GRP_BIND – Process Student Groups
  • SSR_GRADPRG_BND – Graduation Processing
  • SAA_RPTRQST_BND – Generate Report Requests (Academic Advisement Reports)
  • SCC_BND_SRCIND – Mass Assign service indicators

In the End…

Population Selection allows for less manual data-entry and enables the user to “get the job done” with a flick of the wrist, or a few clicks of the mouse. While it is not available on every page in which it would be beneficial, such as Student Advisor, it was not always available on every page it currently exists, so let’s be hopeful the use and availability of Pop Select expands to more components and continues to make our jobs easier and more streamlined.


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