December 2019 Member News - Stay In-the-Know with HEUG Blogs

A warm welcome to the 204 people that joined the HEUG so far this month! A lot is happening and as a new member, you might be wondering "what is going on"?!

On HEUG.Online we provide our members with a variety of blogs each month to keep you in-the-know.  Many of you quickly learned how to join a forum to stay engaged with your community when you joined HEUG, but did you know that you can also "favorite" blogs to stay up-to-date on Industry News, Regional Blogs, HEUG Announcements and more?  Follow the simple steps below to start receiving alerts when your favorite blogs are posted:

Step 1

Select a blog from the list of "All Blogs".


Step 2

Select the heart icon from the left-side menu bar.


Step 3

Elect how often you would like to receive notifications.



For quick access to your Favorite Blogs, click the "Newsroom Tab" on the HEUG.Online Homepage.


Are you interested in writing blogs for HEUG?  View and sign up for opportunities through the Volunteer Module today!

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