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Over the past few months I have witnessed a not-insignificant number of colleagues, both HEUG and University, moving on stepping down from leadership positions – sometimes for personal reasons, sometimes because of organizational change which negatively impacts them (and sometimes both).  Each time I hear an announcement from someone it inevitably makes me reflect on my relationship with them and the contribution they have made to the organization concerned, and to my personal professional journey. 

None more so than within the HEUG, where all of us contribute on a voluntary and volunteer basis – whether you are posting something on a forum, presenting a session at a conference, working on an advisory group or a regional conference committee or volunteering on the Board of Directors.  Some amazing work is done by so many of our volunteers and it’s important that we recognize it at the time and find a way of recording the achievements of, and best practice introduced by individuals and groups.  All too often recently, I’ve found myself doing so too late, as the person is leaving.

It also made me reflect on the expertise and organizational history that we lose when people move on or step down.  In special cases, like our very own Executive Director Emeritus Lew Conner, we can get them to document it, but most of the time it is lost – and often along with it, the achievements of the individual.

It has made me want to more consciously reach out to people who’ve made a positive impact on me and the organizations I work for sooner rather than later – to let them know that I recognize and appreciate what they have tried to do, successful or not, but also, of course, what they’ve achieved. I also want to celebrate those successes more openly so that others, who may not know the individual personally, know what has been achieved too.

As we welcome our new Advisory Group members, as we form new or reconvene existing conference planning teams, and as we start the nominations and elections process for HEUG Directors, lets also take a moment to say thank you to all those who got us to where we are – as an organization, and as individuals!

I’d personally like to take a moment to recognize those members who have volunteered their time to help nurture the growth of the HEUG especially our members who have gone above and beyond!  Each year the HEUG recognizes these members by being inducted into the HEUG Hall of Fame.  If you know someone that has made a significant contribution to the HEUG, submit a nomination today!

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Well Done, Indeed!

December 3, 2019 09:42 AM by Michele Thibodeau

The HEUG is certainly an amazing organization. I am constantly amazed by the individuals who have given so much of themselves for so long; just for the sake of helping others. Jane, thanks for the reminder!!

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