Your Advisory Groups are Working Hard to Bring the Knowledge You Want!

For some of us, the academic term is just beginning and for others, the academic term is ending and somehow, they never seem to begin with ease or close with ease.  This is my 25th year starting a fall term and they seem to get complicated every year!  This is what keeps the job fun, challenging, and interesting.  This year has brought a new set of challenges; however, we all continue to strive for a variety of business practices to help our members and as always deliver the best educational experience to our students.

Your Advisory Groups continue to help facilitate these never-ending changes challenges as we all navigate through this year.  From helping facilitate sessions during our first virtual Alliance Conference to meeting the needs of each community on topics such as Leave Earnings Code for the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, New ACT Layout, Changing Add/Drop, and Grade Method Deadlines for Term in Progress, to Cybersecurity Implications of COVID-19.  These are just a few topics of conversations this year that members and Advisory Groups tackled and hopefully provided some guidance to you the member.  Remember the member HEUG list serv’s provide you with an excellent resource from subject matter experts from all over the world.

Now speaking of experts from all over the world want to remind everyone of the first International Virtual Week  19 -22 October 2020.  This is a free event and available to HEUG/PSUG Institutional Members.  I’ve had the honor and privilege of presenting at four of the regions and found we all have the same goal in common, making our enterprise systems efficient for our faculty and staff, and providing the best service to our students.  I would encourage everyone to register for this event, review the sessions, and try to attend one or two sessions.  For those of us in the US, there are some time slots that would work into your busy schedule so please take this chance to attend and support our International members.  

As we are now in the fourth quarter of this interesting year, I want to send wishes to everyone to enjoy a healthy and safe close to 2020. 

Thank you and Cheers!



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Your Advisory Groups are Working Hard to Bring the Knowledge You Want!

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