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Friends and Colleagues,

This is the time of year where we take a moment to evaluate our success over the past year and identify areas where we can improve.

This letter comes at a time of key transition for our organization -- and for many of your institutions, as well. You will see, as you review this annual report, that in this last year we have accomplished a number of key initiatives proposed by the Board or initiated because of input from our members. Concurrently, we have been spending a great deal of time working on the future of the HEUG, to ensure that it will be there to serve our members well in the long term.

In some ways, the upcoming year is a new beginning for us as an organization. During these financially difficult times, the Board -- with substantial input from our members -- has adopted a new business model that moves the HEUG away from an overdependence on conference revenue into a membership-based model. While this is a departure from our past, the Board needed to find a way to assure the HEUG’s continued existence. The by-product of this change will allow for the HEUG to become much more aggressive in offering new services for those who might not be able to attend our annual conference in person, as well as for the membership in general.

Through key Board leadership decisions, we are working to strengthen the organization and to position HEUG to expand internationally. We are also aligning our organization to offer more strategic input -- as well as our more typical tactical feedback -- for Oracle products and applications. The recent Oracle acquisition strategy, wherein Oracle has bought more than 50 companies in the past few years, has created both stress and opportunity for the HEUG as more and more users of acquired companies with higher education footprints seek support from our organization.

Despite tough economic times, 2009 was an expansion year for us. The Alliance Conferences were successful by any measure. Membership has continued to increase. Our new webinar series has been a dramatic success. The HEUG continues to be viewed, both by Oracle and by other user groups around the world, as a model of how successful a volunteer-based organization can be. Oracle's recognition of both our membership size and the effectiveness of our work is demonstrated by the fact that we continue to be the only industry vertical user group that has a seat on the International Oracle User Community (IOUC).

As you read this annual report, we hope it will remind you of our recent successes and energize you for the future as you envision the mission of HEUG in 2010. For those of you who have tirelessly committed time and energy to the success of this organization, I thank you. For the many of you who are new, I welcome you to HEUG. I look forward to working with all of you in 2010.

Best regards,
Stan Jakubik, President
Lew Conner, Executive Director

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