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The HEUG works with Oracle Strategy on product-related issues that will benefit HEUG members. We are organized into 15 Product Advisory Groups (PAGs) who meet regularly throughout the year, with the kickoff event being the Annual Product Advisory Group Summit held each year just prior to the Alliance Conference. Each advisory group is responsible for a particular product, module, or area of Oracle products and each acts as the primary voice for HEUG members to Oracle for that area. One advisory group, the TAG, advises on the technical infrastructure of the application. The TAG also has an education role -- collecting and sharing information with Oracle and the user community through papers and blogs and by coordinating a session track at the Alliance conference. The current PAGs/TAG are:

  • Academic Advising
  • Admissions
  • Budgeting
  • Campus Community
  • Contributor Relations
  • E-Business Suite
  • Financial Aid
  • General Ledger
  • Grants, Billing, and Contracts
  • Human Resources
  • Procure to Pay
  • Reporting
  • Student Financials
  • Student Records
  • Technical (TAG)

There is also a Combined Financials PAG, composed of members from the Budgeting, General Ledger, Grants, and Procure-to-Pay PAGs, that meets regularly to discuss common issues across the Financial areas.

In addition to advisory groups, there are also several workgroups in progress at any given time. Workgroups are ad-hoc groups of users that are created to review a particular process or area. The groups are short-term (typically less than one year in length) and have a limited scope.

PAG and TAG highlights this year have included regular newsletters and blog postings. The newsletters are sent out on a regular basis to the forum(s) aligned with each of the PAGs. The availability of blogs this year in HEUG Online has allowed PAGs to communicate with their respective communities on a more informal basis. The PAGs have produced several whitepapers and position papers on various parts and processes of Oracle products.

We achieved the following goals this year:

  1. Strengthened relationship with Oracle Strategy by focusing on current advisory groups as well as CRM, Hyperion, and UPK focus areas.
  2. Improved newsletter communications with constituents, focusing heavily on the international community.
  3. Streamlined the agenda for the Product Advisory Group Summit to ensure effective use of member and Oracle strategists time.
  4. Increased advisory group communication throughout the year, ensuring that activities are synchronized.
  5. Strengthened relationships with other key user groups including PSUG and Oracle HCM User group engagements.
  6. Provided guidance regarding Web Services.

We made progress on the following goals this year:

  1. To provide guidance and clarification on the Continuous Release Model for Campus Solutions. This includes upgrade options, bundle application best practices, HCM/CS split database application, integration options, and Master Data Management.
  2. To create a repository for community sharing of test scripts and modifications.

As we move into 2010, we are positioning the HEUG to offer strategic feedback in addition to the steady stream of tactical input that is required to support our current set of maturing applications. We look forward to the new challenges associated with our new role -- and reiterate our long-standing view that member concerns remain our top priority.

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