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Each year, the HEUG offers a variety of events, from large-scale conferences to small-scale programs in order to provide our members with valuable training and collaboration opportunities. This year we held an unprecedented number of educational webinars, in addition to maintaining a large presence at a number of conferences and continuing with the prospective member program.

Alliance Conference, March 2009, Anaheim, California, United States

The 2009 conference proved the value of the HEUG and the creativity of its Board in tough economic times. The 4-day event included workshops, the executive forum, participant sessions, Oracle presentations, vendor exhibits and a new Innovations track. Despite restrictions on travel at virtually all higher education institutions, there was a strong showing -- with over 3,500 participants. In part due to these economic times, the number of presentation proposals was high allowing for an exceptionally strong conference program. The new Innovations track showcased technical and business process leaders who had pushed the envelope of technology and business process. We are evolving our conference model by allowing a larger percentage of our membership to participate in the event through online access to some conference content.

Oracle Open World, October 2009, San Francisco, California, United States

Every year, the HEUG sends a delegation to the Oracle Open World conference. The Sunday prior to the conference is dedicated to user groups, and HEUG uses this opportunity to host a meeting for our members attending Open World. Open World is the premier annual event for Oracle, so this venue offers the HEUG delegation one of its best opportunities to fulfill one key aspect of the mission of the HEUG – advocating on behalf of the higher education and research industry.

Alliance Down Under Conference, November 2009, Brisbane, Australia

The Australian New Zealand Higher Education Users Group (ANZ HEUG) hosted the 2009 Alliance Down Under Conference this year in Brisbane, Australia, drawing over 300 attendees. This annual conference includes three days of executive forum, participant sessions, Oracle presentations, and vendor exhibits all focused on the needs of our HEUG members in this region. This is the third annual Alliance Down Under conference. It demonstrates that as the community of HEUG members grows around the world, the HEUG and its partners continue to explore new opportunities for conferences that can effectively serve their members.

DEUG Conference, November 2009, Hilversum, Netherlands

The Dutch Education User Group (DEUG) hosted the 2009 DEUG conference this year in Hilversum in the Netherlands. This conference is the premier event for HEUG members in EMEA to exchange knowledge and experience and to network with partner organizations and vendors. This year the HEUG sent a small delegation to the DEUG conference to enhance our existing relationship with the EMEA community. We are working, in particular, to better understand some of the issues unique to European users within EMEA.

HEUG Prospective Member Program

Each year, the HEUG offers a Prospective Member Program at the Alliance conference. Prospective members are those institutions that are seriously considering the purchase of Oracle application software but have not yet signed a contract. The purpose of this program is to provide prospective members with the opportunity to experience the benefits of both HEUG Online and the Alliance Conference. Prospective member attendees are often paired with a conference host sharing similar institutional demographics. Tailored events at the conference include an orientation, breakfast meeting, and reception. This program has continued to grow, becoming more successful every year.

HEUG Education Webinar Series

In 2009, HEUG launched a new program: The HEUG Education Webinar Series. This program is designed to help our HEUG members grow their knowledge of PeopleSoft/Oracle products all year long. The HEUG Education Series brings together thought leaders from within our membership, Oracle, vendor partners, and HEUG management to provide useful webinars that will help members with implementing, maintaining, or upgrading their PeopleSoft/Oracle solutions.

This program offers three types of webinars:

  1. Virtual Alliance Webinars. These sessions are done by the presenters of some of the top Alliance conference sessions, but now in webinar format. It will also include new presentations that were not part of the Conference. There is a $59 cost to access these sessions.
  2. Vendor Webinars. These sessions are presented and sponsored by our vendors. In some cases they are presented in conjunction with a customer. They are not sales-pitches, but rather sessions for the sharing of valuable information. Since they are sponsored, access is free.
  3. HEUG Webinars. These sessions provide training on HEUG programs, tools, and initiatives. They are free of charge.

In total, HEUG delivered 18 Webinars in 2009. They were attended live by 3400 users, representing over 100 different institutions. Once delivered, their content was accessed 4629 times.

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