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Criss LaidlawCriss Laidlaw from Williams College makes continuous and substantial contributions to the higher education user community. At the 2009 Alliance Conference in Anaheim, Criss was awarded the 2009 HEUG Member Appreciation Award for his dedicated service to HEUG and his constituents.

Criss was a member of the HEUG Technical Advisory Group (TAG) for 2 terms, 2000-2002 and 2004-2007, serving as Chair for an unprecedented two years. He has attended every annual HEUG conference since 2000. He has co-written several whitepapers, including:

  • Effective ERP Practices for the Small Institution (2008),
  • A Deliberate Approach for Leveraging Applications Unlimited (2007), and 
  • Moving from PeopleSoft to Fusion (2006)

Criss’s first experience with PeopleSoft came with an electric company in Vermont prior to his joining Williams College in 1997. In 1999, Criss continued his PeopleSoft journey when Williams College signed their PeopleSoft contract. Williams College launched HRMS (HR/SA 7.6) and Financials (7.5) in 2001, with Student Administration modules phased in over several academic cycles. The school went fully live in 2005. Since then, each application has been upgraded twice under his direction. Criss directs a small but high quality staff of six developers and is also hands-on from time to time. Criss commented, “That this staffing arrangement works is first and foremost due to the quality of the people here at Williams."

Over the years Criss has presented numerous times at HEUG conferences and has been very active on HEUG listserves, making the time to respond to questions. He feels the listserves provide a great deal of time-saving and cost-saving information with a flexibility that vendor support structures can't match: “The listserves work because of the many people who take the time to share what they've learned with others."

HEUG is pleased to honor Criss this year, grateful for his many ongoing contributions, and fortunate to count him among our membership.

Thank you Criss!

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