EMEA Alliance 2017

Barcelona, Spain
Hotel NH Collection Barcelona Tower
16-17 October, 2017

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  Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Information

EMEA Alliance 2017 is open to all employees of Higher Education Institutions that have purchased or licensed to use products, or are considering products from Oracle Corporation. In addition, employees of vendors accepted by the conference as exhibitors may also register for the conference. ALL OTHER REGISTRATIONS WILL BE DENIED.

YOU WILL NEED A HEUG ID TO REGISTER FOR THE CONFERENCE.  If you do not have a personal HEUG ID, please see the HEUG ID section below.

Registration Fees

Registration fee per attendee is in USD and includes admission to all sessions, 2 lunches, tea breaks, and reception.  Breakfast is not included.  The Executive Forum is by invitation only.

Any attendee from an HEUG institution that is current on their 2017/2018 membership dues will receive the lower Institutional rate on their conference registration. This discount will automatically be included in your rate when you log in and register. To determine your status, CLICK HERE to view your institutional profile. If the field "Membership Type" says "Institutional" or "System" then you are eligible for the discounted rate. If it says "Subscriber" then you do not qualify. For more information on costs and benefits of becoming an Institutional or System member CLICK HERE or inquire at membership@heug.org


Early Bird Rate Register and pay by check or credit card by
September 15, 2017
$375 USD $425 USD
Advanced Rate Register and pay by check or credit card between
September 16 - 29, 2017
$475 USD $525 USD
Late Rate Register and pay by check or credit card between
September 30 - October 16, 2017
$575 USD $625 USD
On-Site Rate
You must register and pay by credit card.
Checks will NOT be accepted on-site.
October 16-17, 2017
$575 USD $625 USD

*Vendor sponsors may add additional registrations at $300 per person up to the maximum allowed for your sponsorship level.
**All rates are represented in U.S. Dollars.

Other Registration Information

Monday 1-day Pass* Tuesday 1-day Pass*

Monday Night Social Event Ticket
for One Day Pass/Guest

$220 USD $220 USD $50 USD

*One Day Pass Option (available until 11 October)

  1. Day pass ($220) includes all sessions, lunch, and breaks on that day.  
  2. The Monday Night Social Event is not included in the One Day Pass fee.
  3. Attendees may only register for 1-day.  If you wish to attend all days, you will need to buy a full registration.
  4. The fee is the same for Institutional and Subscriber members.  Not available to PROSPECTIVE members.
  5. Vendors do not qualify for the one-day pass option.  
  6. If already registered, you cannot switch to a 1-day pass.

Your registration fee is based on the status of your membership at the time you register. HEUG Institutional Members are those members that have paid their annual membership dues, Subscriber Members have not paid annual dues. No refunds of price difference will be issued if your status changes after you have registered and paid. If you are a HEUG Institutional Member, you will see that registration option, non-institutional members will not.

NonMembers (Prospective) must be in our system as a prospective member, or you may fill out the prospective member application. Once approved, a HEUG.online ID will be created for you, and you will be able to register for the conference.

If your Institution is a HEUG Member (Institutional or Subscriber), and you do not have a HEUG ID, please click on the request login button at the top right corner of this page to get one. If your institution is not a HEUG Member, please see below to download a membership application. To learn more about HEUG Membership, please visit our Membership page.

Membership Application: If you are using Oracle applications and are from a higher education institution, we invite you to join us. There is no membership fee for Subscriber Member.

Prospective Member Application: If you are considering or are in the process of a signing a contract with Oracle, we invite you to submit a prospective member application.

Letter of InvitationYou must be registered and paid in full before requesting a Visa Request Letter. Please download the form and email it to regional-support@heug.org.

Please proceed to register for the conference after you have obtained your HEUG ID.

For EMEA 2017 Alliance Support, email us at regional-support@heug.org.
EMEA Alliance is hosted & managed by the Higher Education User Group.