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Conference Committee

Jennifer Hamilton - Swain Conference Chair j.swain@fsu.edu
Anita Collins Assistant Conference Chair anita_collins@unc.edu
Beth Broyles Program Chair ebroyle@emory.edu
Gary Chismar Technical/Innovation Track Chair gchismar@admin.fsu.edu
Rebekah Dorn General Interest Track Chair rdorn@fsu.edu
Roberta McManus Financials Track Chair roberta.mcmanus@talgov.com
Maribel Carrion Committee Member mcarrion@unc.edu
Christopher Derickson Committee Member christopher.derickson@duke.edu
Jamie Digesare Committee Member jdigesar@fscj.edu
Julie Dockens Committee Member dockens@unc.edu
Lorrie Harvey Committee Member llharvey@admin.fsu.edu
Karen Hawthorne Committee Member karen.hawthorne@talgov.com
Ryan Hurst Committee Member Ryan.Hurst@talgov.com
Tom Johnson Committee Member tom.johnson@duke.edu
Kathleen O'Brien Committee Member kathleen_obrien@unc.edu
Dean Schuh Committee Member dschuh2@emory.edu
Jackie Treschl Committee Member jackie_treschl@unc.edu
Nanci Regehr HEUG Exhibitor Board Chair nanci.regehr@riosalado.edu
Lisa Skinner HEUG Regional Conference Board Chair lskinner@stanford.edu
Hillary Chambers HEUG Meetings Coordinator hchambers@heug.org
Tom Chambers HEUG Events and Sponsorship Sales Manager tchambers@heug.org



  • For Conference Support, email us at regional-support@heug.org or call (602) 734-5356.
    The Regional Alliance Conferences are hosted and managed by the Higher Education User Group, Inc.

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