A number of workshops will be offered on Thursday, October 3 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM prior to the main conference. Registration for these requires an additional fee of $20 per workshop. All workshop payments must be paid no later than September 20, 2019 or registration is subject to cancellation. Each workshop has a minimum participation level; and if this is not met by September 20, 2019, then the workshop may be canceled and monies paid refunded. 

PSQuery, getting the most out of your queries

Track General Interest
Speaker Christopher Beam, Florida State University
Amy Simpson, Florida State University
Irina Gorkov, Florida State University
Description PSQuery is a useful tool, but using it correctly can be a challenge. Using PSQuery creatively will enhance the efficiency of your office and allow you to recon and find issues quickly.

This workshop will go over some PSQuery basics, but will get into more advanced topics such as using Unions, drilling URLs, scheduling queries, prompts and expressions. Basic PSQuery knowledge is preferred before attending.

External Awards - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Track Student - SIS
Speaker Amy Simpson, Florida State University
Christopher Beam, Florida State University
Heather Jarvis, Florida State University
Description The External Awards process is one of the most versatile tools in the Financial Aid arsenal, but using it incorrectly can also be disastrous. In this presentation I will discuss what external awards is capable of, several use cases, and trouble shooting.

Need to add a thousand scholarships with differing item types that apply to variable terms within the aid year? Need to cancel specific awards or portions of awards without touching the rest of a student’s package? Need to change loan item types due to sequestration, or add varying amounts to the awards of specific students? All of these can be accomplished through external awards. However, with great power comes great responsibility. External awards also has the ability to completely wreck awards.
In this presentation I will discuss how to set up external award file mapping, add external awards manually and via batch processes, automate external award loads, some of the amazing things external awards can do as well as its limitations, and troubleshooting award load errors.

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