Exhibitor List

Premier Booth    
Oracle 5 https://www.oracle.com/index.html Oracle
Gold Booth    
Oracle Consulting 4 https://www.oracle.com/consulting/ Oracle Consulting
TouchNet 6 https://www.touchnet.com/ TouchNet
Silver Booth    
Deloitte 1 http://www.deloitte.com Deloitte
DIGARC 2 https://www.digarc.com/ DIGARC
Infosilem 3 https://infosilem.com/ Infosilem
McMaster University https://www.mcmaster.ca McMaster University
National Student Clearing House 7 https://studentclearinghouse.com National Student Clearing House
Independent Consultant Booth    
JSMPros Inc https://www.jsmpros.com/ JSMPros Inc
Donation/Sponsor Booth    
CIBC No Booth https://www.cibc.com/en/student/student-life/choosing-school.html CIBC
ERPA No Booth https://erpagroup.com/ ERPA
Royal Bank of Canada NONE https://www.rbccm.com/en/expertise/us-municipal-finance/higher-education.page Royal Bank of Canada

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exhibitors@heug.org or call at (602) 845-5972.


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