HEUG Elevate
Cloud Symposium 2020

January 20-21, 2020

Oracle Conference Center
Santa Clara Campus
4030 George Sellon Circle
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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Join us for the Cloud Symposium, an exclusive event designed for line of business and IT leaders who are charting a path of institutional transformation. 

The goal? Build on last year’s success in creating an environment of thought leaders discussing strategic elements of cloud deployments.

Come learn lessons from those ahead of you; share your experience with those following you and leverage the collective knowledge of an international audience.

Jo Ellen Dinucci
HEUG Board VP of Administration

Hot Topics - CIO’s and CFO’s from your peer institutions will discuss:

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Student Financial Planning

It's up and running!

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The Big Ten Perspective

A variety of approaches to going live on the cloud SaaS products (ERP, HCM, SFP)

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Moving to the Cloud is Like a "Moonshot"

  • What are you lining up?
  • What are you aiming at?
  • How do you intersect so far into the future?
  • In addition, what are the atmospheric pressures that create risk in your long-term plan?
  • How can you pre-plan and prepare your organization?


Join us for a preview of the film then sit down and discuss the challenges low income students face when applying for college with students Karoline Jimenez, Christine Rodriguez, and Enoch Jemmott and hear their Personal Statement.

"At the time, I was living with my sister, sleeping on her couch, because my mom was in a homeless shelter. I almost missed out on qualifying for aid because I couldn’t get the forms I needed from my mother, who was still my legal guardian."

Jemmott, Enoch. “The Implicit Punishment of Daring to Go to College When Poor.” The New York Times, March 28 2019

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Noteworthy Speakers

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Additional Presenters Representing

Boise State University
Butler University
De Paul University
Rutgers University
UC San Diego University
UW Madison

Panel Discussions

Ask your burning questions about Oracle Cloud solutions panel



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