Partner Series

These sessions are presented and are sponsored by our vendor and strategic partners. In some cases they are presented in conjunction with a customer. They are not sales-oriented, but rather sessions for the sharing of valuable information.

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E-Academy Webinars

Providing opportunities for HEUG members from across the globe to share knowledge, experience and innovative solutions in respect of Oracle applications and technology, at all stages of implementation and development, used by our institutions.
For institutions that are part of a multi-campus system, we offer discounts on fees for all campuses. Institutions sending employees to conferences can save significantly with HEUG memberships.

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Attendees can participate in and benefit from presentations and discussions led by members, by Oracle and by key vendors, discussion of current and future developments with Oracle strategists, and excellent learning opportunities.

Designed to take teamwork to the next level

HEUG helps your institution grow without limits by connecting members to a network rich with  industry-leading advocacy, programs, and events.

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