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The E-Business Suites Advisory Group (EBS-AG) works with streamlined reporting and analysis systems to give administrators a comprehensive view of the institution's operations.

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The e-Business Suite (or EBS) community is primarily (but not exclusively) for HEUG members who use Oracle’s e-Business Suite. The EBS Advisory Group (AG), which is comprised of member institutions of varying sizes, funding and nationalities.
The diversity of the EBS AG helps ensure that a wide cross-section of users and modules are represented. EBS is committed to ensuring that the needs of Higher Education users are met and supported by Oracle. Upholding this ethos, the AG has scheduled monthly conference calls about implementation issues and development requests, and members are invited to participate in the wide range of webinars throughout the year that address various items of interest.
This is also reflected in the presentations provided by the EBS at the Alliance Conference. Topics covered range from developments in HCM & Payroll, Financials, Procurement, and Project & Grant Accounting; to more technical presentations about upgrade experiences, new technologies available for EBS, interfacing from other systems, and the best way to get the most out of your EBS investment.

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