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The Admissions Advisory Group (AD-AG) shares best practices and learning “out-of-the-box” adjustments from delivered functionality to streamline the recruitment and/or admissions process.

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A student’s relationship with your institution can start with the Admissions! Admissions plays a key role in getting students in the door - beginning with the recruitment of prospects and on to an offer of admission being made to an applicant.
During the recruitment phase, your institution may source names from third-party vendors (e.g. SSS, EOS), attend school fairs, and load prospect data from testing agencies (e.g. SAT, ACT, TOEFL, GRE). Your institution now has the ability to use delivered functionality to develop its own application and data load processes using features such as AAWS (Admissions Application Web Services) and PDL (Prospect Data Load).
Other delivered processes at your disposal are admissions evaluation tools, the 3C’s, and evaluating test and/or transfer credit for newly admitted students. You have the wonderful opportunity to share your institution’s best practices for the Admissions Campus Solutions module and we’re especially excited to learn how you may be using delivered functionality “out-of-the-box” from Oracle to streamline the recruitment and/or admissions process.

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Admissions Leadership

Clinton Lamont Griffith University

Clinton Lamont

Griffith University

AG Chair

Dorothy Chapman University of Waterloo

Dorothy Chapman

University of Waterloo

Vice-AG Chair

Adam Stout Marquette University

Adam Stout

Marquette University

Track Chair

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