Work Groups

The HEUG Education Strategy work group was formed to create additional value for HEUG member organizations by leveraging the content and services offerings. The team will focus on working through the process of trying to get a discount on Oracle University offerings for HEUG member institutions that are in good standing. The team will need to work with Oracle to figure out the best way to make sure that an institution is a HEUG member in good standing when making a transaction with Oracle U.

The goal of this group is to gather and distribute information about Oracle’s cloud applications. As we’ve learned, Oracle offers a large number of cloud applications covering financial management, human resources, multiple aspects of customer relationship management and of course student management. These applications are at different stages of readiness for use by higher education and it will likely take a few years for all of them to be made available.

The goal is to ensure that we have proper global representation on all of our Advisory Groups as well as on the Board and are representing a global perspective, not just the interests of one particular region. Global representation is essential to maintaining “weight” when interacting with Oracle and recommending enhancements or modifications in support of our community.

As the HEUG transitions from a small US user group comprised of institutions leveraging PeopleSoft products to a multi-million-dollar corporation and global leader in Higher Education information systems, the HEUG must adapt and rise to meet these changes.
The Organizational Restructure Work Group should:

  • Consider alternative methods of organization, each of which may create a more prudent, flexible, and diverse board culture;
  • Review the current make-up of the HEUG Board and the nominations and elections process
  • Review the overall size of the Board and consider options for resizing
  • Change in the way representative groups are identified
  • Determine skills and background needed based on requirements during each election cycle
  • Change process for nominations
  • Define what we are looking for
  • Solicit applications for the Board
  • Eligibility to stand for the board
  • Vetting process by the nominations and elections committee made up of board members and others the board deem necessary
  • Change process for elections voting
  • Review the use of weighted votes in the election process
  • Consider a move to a model of 1 member 1 person and 1 vote
  • Intended outcome would be to increase global representation

The goal for this work group is to work towards discussions on integration best practice between the members as well as:

  • Gravitate towards customers instead of the technology
  • Communicate the value of integrations to the membership
    • This is the first step of transitioning to the cloud
  • Plan on staying agnostic and not towards specific tools
  • The group will produce informative blog articles including the following topics:
    • Introduce integrations
    • Value of creating inventory of integrations
    • Business process review
    • Architecture and efficiency review
    • Rules and regulations on respective systems

  • Defining a more formal framework for the review of potential contracts for services needed by the organization. The Alliance Conference has a framework for contract review defined in the Standing Orders. The Work Group will review that information and construct a recommendation for a similar framework that extends to other conferences and non-conference related contracts, e.g., telecommunications and video conferencing, mobile applications, etc. There have been no significant issues with our contracting processes at this point; this is a proactive approach to defining an appropriate contracting process that minimizes risks and provides for appropriate transparency of the contracting process.
  • Providing an oversight committee to review the re-negotiation and recommendation for a new services contract with Socious, Inc. The organization is currently in the final year of a three year contract. The Work Group will review the service assessments from the Board and lay the groundwork for the treasurer to proactively meet with Socious leadership to negotiate the next contract and address any issues resulting from the assessment. As point of information, the current contract has an automatic renewal provision.
  • Formation of a contract review committee, similar to Alliance Vendor and Contract Review team model specified in the Standing Orders.
  • Determine a standardized contract length and regular cycle for issuing RFPs
  • Determine limits for price-checking and limits for contract review.

Erica Allen, CMP Higher Education User Group
Brad Finley Illinois Central College
Jason Koziara DePaul University
Scott Munson University of Colorado
Michele Thibodeau Butler University
Cathy Thompson University of Florida
Jason Wenrick California State University Chancellor's Office

  • Review the HEUG Articles of Incorporation in order to expand the opportunity to additional vendors.
  • Expanding opportunities to additional vendors that could provide the HEUG members with working solutions/checklist on topics as integrations between Oracle products and other vendors like Salesforce and Workday.
  • By opening opportunities to additional vendors to partner with the HEUG, our membership will be provided with information in helping guiding upgrade paths to new solutions, weather this be on or off premise applications.
  • By opening opportunities to additional vendors and developing a partnership with HEUG they will be able to build their customer loyalty a mutual benefit to both the HEUG and vendors.
  • These additional vendors can help provide a fit gap solutions to help our members move forward.
  • Finally by expanding our vendor relations, this would give vendors the ability to help a system agnostic relationship with our members.