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University of Colorado



Ashley Bergemann, FAAC

University of Colorado


I have been a financial aid systems analyst at Marquette University since 2007. I have a fondness for bundle/patch/upgrade testing. I have a love for designing and building innovative solutions. Some larger projects included a solution for online Truth in Lending Act disclosures and a cutsomized debt center in student self service. On the functional side, I am heavily involved in direct loan processing on a daily basis.  I have a detailed knowledge of NSLDS processing, COD files and server files. I joined the regional PeopleSoft group (MidHEUG) in 2008 and have been on the planning committee since.  I've been sharing my knowledge at Alliance conferences since 2009 when I gave my first presentation - a workshop on Equation Engine. The HEUG is a great place to help people, learn from others and to guide peoplesoft in a direction that works for all types of schools.