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Kentucky Comm. and Tech. College Sys


I presently serve as the Interim Vice President/CFO for Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS). My office supports and maintains Financial Planning and Budgeting, Facility Management, Treasury, Accounting, Procurement to Pay, Payroll, Veterans Affairs, Advancement, Campus Solutions Student Financials and Financial Aid. In addition, our office works in corporation with quite a few other third-party applications. My initial experience with PeopleSoft was the implementation team that brought up our HRMS and Payroll modules. I then moved over to the position of PeopleSoft Financials Functional Lead. In this position I managed the functional aspects from General Ledger, Purchasing, Account Payable, Asset Management and Billing and AR. Then was drafted into the lead the Student Financials of Campus Solutions and finally now Interim Vice President/CFO.  I have attended the annual HEUG/Alliance conferences since 2001and have presented at several conferences on a variety of subjects, from Payroll, General Ledger, Third Party Contracts, Write-offs, Collections, and Veterans Benefits. In addition, presented at the Alliance Down Under, EMEA, South Africa, and Candia international conferences in addition to several US Regionals. I am an active participate of various HEUG forums, especially on Student Financials topics in addition to a contributor of the SF Blog. In addition, I have participated in several Oracle Focus groups. I have served on the Student Financials Product Advisor group in 2002 – 04 and again 2011 – 14. In 2013 year I served as the SF Track Chair for Alliance 2013 and then continued on the SF PAG under Special Projects.

Fall of 2013 was appointed to HEUG Board of Directors replacing a vacant position.  During the winter Board meeting volunteered for the PAG/TAG Nominations and Election Committee.  During the fix six months help developed the process for nominating and electing new PAG/TAG members.  The new process was approved by the Board during the Summer Board meeting and was implemented for the 2014 PAG/TAG elections. After the election and the feedback from the members worked with Nominations and Elections Committee to improve the elections process and these where finalized in 2015 with the update Advisory Group Charter.  During this time frame volunteered for the role of Director of Vendor Relations and begin the process of shadowing the outgoing Board member in this role during the Alliance 2015 Conference.  Since assuming this role have participated in the conference planning teams for Alliance, ADU, EMEA and Asia 2015. In addition to these over the past year have participated in the planning of the US Regional Conferences.   In early 2015 became a member of the Socious Tools Committee to revise the current HEUG.Online to a new version using the new UI Engine.  Working with this committee over several months we successfully updated HEUG.Online in October 2015.  We are continuing to improve the site with some of new functionality and the suggestions from the members.  Durin the Seattle 2022 Conference was honored as an inductee to the HEUG Hall of Fame and continued my service with HEUG as the Assistant Treasurer.