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At the University of Minnesota, I am Associate Director of Information Technology in Academic Support Resources.  Our organization includes the Registrar, Financial Aid, Student Finance, Classroom Management and a One Stop Student Services area. I manage business analysts who support Student Financials, Financial Aid and Campus Community and we share responsibility for data synchronization with HR and also share responsibilties for Campus Solutions security.

I have worked at the University of Minnesota for 42 years. I was the Student Accounts Manager until my adventures with PeopleSoft began in 1997. I attended my first HEUG Conference in 2000 and continue to be a regular attendee and have presented several times. I was a member of the Student Financials Product Advisory Group from 2000-2002 and from 2008-2012 and served as PAG chair from 2009-2011. As part of the PAG, I participated in many initiatives to improve that module. Other past/present HEUG volunteer activities are: HEUG Conference Program working groupr, secretary to the Volunteer Committee, many working groups, collaborating on white papers, volunteering at Alliance in the HEUG booth and as a CPE monitor, and as Track Chair for Stop and Share in 2017. I was the SF Track Chair for MIDHEUG in 2016 and 2017.

Volunteering for the HEUG has been very personally fulfilling. My institution also benefits due to the opportunities to network with other members. I learn so much from others and the joint problem-solving makes for better solutions to the issues we encounter. Our upgrade to CS 9.0 included the CS/HR database split. Other project team members commented on the success of our team and how we accomplished a successful upgrade. I give credit to my peers in the HEUG for all of the years of cooperation and advice that helped us tremendously in this large effort. We upgraded to CS 9.2 in September 2017 and have implemented the Fluid Direct Deposit page in Student Self Service which was a huge win for students who were confused by the old two step sign up (bank account, then direct deposit authorization). We recently upgraded all of our systems to Fluid/unified navigation and we continue look at actions we need to take to migrate to any cloud solutions.

In my spare time, I like to serve meals at a homeless shelter, coordinate food drives for our local food shelf and find time to bowl and bike with my spouse, Mark.