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Northern Illinois University



Dede Young

Northern Illinois University


I returned to the Office of Registration and Records at Northern Illinois University in 2007, after 7 years staying at home with my daughters.  The fellow who replaced me in 'Student Data Services' when I left at the end of 2000 was leaving the position and the opportunity presented itself.  I have worked with SuperWylbur, Crystal Reports, ProClarity (iStrategy), and PeopleSoft, as well as the suite of Office products.

I have presented at the annual Alliance and regional (midwest) Alliance conferences from 2012-2022.  I am a second term member of the Technical and Report Advisory Group.  I have presented on PS Query, enrollment requirements, and academic requirements.

I am constantly learning new things about the PS reporting tools, Academic Advising module, and PeopleSoft in general.  There are so many facets to PeopleSoft that I am always expanding my knowledge through research and attending others' sessions at conferences.