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Mrs. Jamie Polizzi

University of Texas at Dallas


You can find all of my presentations here:

I have worked in Higher Education in Admissions since 2012. I work as a Technical Business Analyst at The University of Texas at Dallas, where I enjoy researching and implementing new features, in addition to auditing, automating, and optimizing existing processes. Some of the projects I have led in terms of research, development, and implementation in my role are:

  • Implementing PDL for loading applications, test scores,  and custom data loads
  • Our fluid implementation for Admissions, major checklist automation processes 
    • Overhauling our Admissions checklist applicant facing views in fluid using custom queries, pagelets, content references, navigation collections, and tiles
  • Activity Guide Implementation for Admissions
  • Multiple projects to improve auditing using queries and pagelets
  • Custom Fluid and Classic CSS branding for our Campus Solutions system at UT Dallas
  • Role revision processes to improve the way that tile display in fluid to show only the most relevant information to applicants and admits
  • Conversion of hundreds of existing process runs to fewer than 20 jobsets

For UTD Admissions, I am responsible for auditing, monitoring and maintaining the 500+ processes we run daily within our jobsets,  the lead for maintaining and developing our CommGens and for creating and updating our existing tables and values.

I am a functional user, but have enjoyed gaining more technical knowledge about Portal, Interaction hub, and security, to help us further grow.

I have presented multiple HEUG webinars on PS Query for Functional users, and multiple Alliance and Regional presentations on PS Query, Activity Guides, and PDL

I earned my BS in Neuroscience at UT Dallas in 2012, my MPH in Public health at SUNY Albany in 2016, and my MS in Information Technology and Management in Spring 2021.

I enjoy crafting, reading, writing, listening to music, spending time with my family, and playing the bass.