Kristin Krowiorz

Fox Valley Technical College

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Fox Valley Technical College



I have been a member of Fox Valley Technical College’s Information Technology department since May of 2007. As an Enterprise Solutions Architect, my primary goal is to ensure that our SIS/ERP meets the business needs of our functional areas throughout the College. I am energized by exploring new and better ways to help our institution face the evolving demands of our learning community. To meet that goal, I research, assess, and implement new functionality, meet with key stakeholders, train users, and focus on strong communication to help quality projects get completed on time and within scope.


My background includes a Master of Science in Corporate Communication and a Project Management Associate Certificate. I have presented at both Alliance and regional (MIDHEUG) conferences. I am honored to serve on the Campus Community Advisory Group. I actively read and participate in the HEUG Communities (both online and offline), and contributed my perspective as a working group member on the CC AG’s “Duplicate Prevention and Resolution in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions” white paper. I am very thankful for the help that the greater HEUG community offers. I am excited to commit my time and energy to giving back and building on the solid foundation the HEUG provides to its members. Thank you for all you do!