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Mario Berry



I have over 19 years of information technology experience, 16 in Higher Education. Currently, I serve as the Vice President of Information  Technology at Texas Southern University in Houston, TX.  My two previous roles were the Chief Information Officer for Spelman College in Atlanta, GA and the Associate Vice Chancellor - Enterprise Applications for Lone Star College System in Houston, TX. 

My background is in organizational development, strategic planning, project management, process improvement, quality assurance, system design and network administration; and I have delivered numerous presentations and hosted many discussions on Leadership, Negotiation, Governance and the Strategic Alignment of technology within Higher Education.

My Favorite Quote: "Attitude Reflects Leadership"

My years of representation (2012-Present) on the HEUG Board of Directors has enabled me to 'Share a Verse' for education, sharing, partnership and networking (ESPN) that impacts the overall direction for our member institutions and global community.  The opportunity to contribute to the continued development of successful implementations, updates and upgrades with others in their use of technology solutions is very rewarding not only professionally but also personally.

The overall vision and direction of the HEUG, and its partners is refreshing; and I am very grateful to be one of the many leaders of the HEUG community as a whole.


Some of my roles and contributions to the HEUG over the years:

2018: Appointed back on HEUG Board by President Jane Broad
2017: Past President yet had to resign due to institutional/organizational change
2015 thru 2017:  HEUG President
2013 thru 2014:  Executive Vice President and Vice President of Administration

Numerous Working Groups and Sub-Committees - 2012 thru 2017
Hosted two Alliance Conferences:  2016 (Nashville) and 2017 (Las Vegas)
Served as Mentor to Young Professional Group - 2015 thru 2017
Co-Planning and Hosting the Alliance Executive Forum 2013 and 2014
Board Liaison to SCHRUG Conference 2013 and 2014
Conducted Socious Annual Assessment 2013 and 2014
HEUG Strategic Plan Re-Design 2014
Board Liaison to Young Professionals Group 2014
Board Meeting Agenda Planning (Summer 2014)