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Michele Thibodeau



I have worked at Butler University for almost 20 years, currently responsible for strategic planning for all ERP initiatives as well as analysis/planning for adoption of new cloud technologies. I oversee PeopleSoft application and tools upgrades, delivered functionality adoption and also recruit and manage a team of consultants for a number of CS, HCM and FIN projects.

Previously I worked 13 years as Senior Information Systems Analyst, providing PeopleSoft support for the offices of Student Records (including Academic Advisement) and Admissions. Also Student Financials, Financial Aid and a number of ancillary offices (on PeopleSoft and other systems) on a more limited basis. I was the functional and technical lead for the PeopleSoft v. 7.6  implementation of both Admissions and Academic Advisement. I have been an active participant of our CS upgrades since then as well as doing PS Bundle Patching on CS, HCM, and the Portal.

 I have been involved with HEUG since 2004 as follows.

HEUG Timeline

AA PAG:  2004-2007, 2007-2010

2005-2006: Track Chair

2006-2007: PAG Chair

2009-2010: Track Chair

SR PAG: 2010-2014

2012-2013: Track Chair

2013-2014: PAG Chair

Conference Team: 2013-Present

2013-2014: Alliance 2015 Asst. Program Chair

2014-2015: Alliance 2015 Program Chair

2015-2016: Alliance 2016 Conference Chair

2016-2017: Alliance 2017 Past Conference Chair

HEUG Board of Directors: 2014-Present

2014-1015: Program Chair

2015-2016: Conference Chair, member of Executive Team

2016-Present: Past Conference Chair

HEUG/Oracle Workgroups/Committees

2008: Constituent Services Working Group

2010: Prerequisite Checking Design Group

2012: Delegated Access Focus Group

2014-Present: Volunteer Committee

2015-2016: Socious Tools Work Group

2015-2016: HEUG Reorganization Work Group

2016-Present: Data Privacy Work Group

2016-Present: Cloud Monitoring Work Group

2016-Present: Chair, Alliance International Submissions Work Group

2016-Present: Oracle Business Process Experts Design Group