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University of Cape Town



Mr. Paul Steenkamp

University of Cape Town


I'm employed by the University of Cape Town since 2003. Currently I'm a Systems Analyst in the Information and Communication Technology Services Systems Division and I support PeopleSoft Campus Solutions since 2012, specifically the Student Records and Campus Community functional areas but not limited to.

I'm responsible for:

  • Providing process-focused support to users of the Oracle PeopleSoft Campus Solutions system
  • Eliciting user requirements, Designing, documenting, testing and delivering new or revised functionality
  • Managing projects with broad UCT impact (e.g. major functional implementations)
  • Ensuring quality in UCT’s systems through systems and integration testing
  • Identifying and delivering on opportunities for system-based process and service improvement which Contribute towards systems development leadership


I'm a CC AG (Campus Community Advisory Group) member and for further information on the CC AG, please visit our page here.

I'm well aware of the commitment required, and I have the support of the University of Cape Town to participate in AG / Conference activities, time and travel wise.