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Mr. Phil Sugden

University of Derby


I have been a member of the Student Records Product Advisory Group since 2014, including two years as Chair, and have also acted as  Programme and  Conference Chair for the EMEA HEUG Conference. Therefore I have extensive experience of liaising between the user community and Oracle development teams.

I am also a member of the Student Cloud Design Group and the Academic Advising Student Cloud Focus Group through which I am taking an active role in advising on the design of advisement, curriculum and enrolment structures and functionality in the Student Cloud Product. 

My current role at the University of Derby covers two areas - student system development and curriculum management. This means I have a dual interest in understanding and enhancing the way in which Campus Solutions manages program and curriculum ste up and supports the tracking of students and their progression and achievement.

I was functional lead for Student Records implementation at University of Derby 2005-2006, followed by systems support and development work to 2008. I was a member of the Student Records PAG from 2006-2008 and have presented sessions at the HEUG and the DEUG (Dutch User Group).

In 2008 I moved to work as Enterprise Applications Consultant for Atos in the UK, primarily working on CS implementation at the University of Glasgow (leading Student Records and Academic Structure). I also undertook some additional work for Oracle pre-sales and product development and also provided support back to the University of Derby.

In 2012 I returned to take up a senior role at Derby, and have since progressed to my current role in a more strategic position.

Particular areas of expertise are Student Records, Academic Advisement and Academic Structure, with additional knowledge and experience of Student Financials and Admissions.