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Do you know about PS Tree Flattener ? August 2020

Do you know about PS Tree Flattener ? August 2020

Do you know Tree Flattener can improve query performance when you need to use the tree information to join with the transactional data?

August 2020 Member News - Volunteer with the HEUG!

August 2020 Member News - Volunteer with the HEUG!

We have more volunteer opportunities than ever! You can easily search and apply for volunteer opportunities within the HEUG in the Volunteer Module.

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The Higher Education User Group recognizes that our members continue to want to work with other members that are geographically close to them and face similar issues.
These events provide opportunities for HEUG members from across the globe to share knowledge, experience and innovative solutions in respect of Oracle applications and technology, at all stages of implementation and development, used by our institutions.

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The HEUG is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our membership. While our core mission of providing connections, educational opportunities and advocacy for our members has not and will not change; the HEUG is excited to innovate and expand our commitment to helping our members maximize their investment in information systems. Welcome to the HEUG 3.0!

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