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Navarro College goes for the gold with Oracle

By Joyce Kim posted 07-23-2021 09:19 AM


Navarro College is a lot more than its award-winning cheer team – though its 14 National Championship trophies are hard to ignore! That plucky, fearless spirit is representative of the institution itself, a four-campus community college that annually serves around 20,000 students in the North Texas region, with a mission to empower students and provide socioeconomic uplift to its broader community. And to meet these transformative goals, it’s partnering up with Oracle. 

While Navarro has its own unique identity and mission, its challenges are shared among many other community colleges: a long-outdated ERP system, a small IT shop, siloed staff and systems, and a limited budget. The institution’s desire to improve student services, modernize business operations, and increase cybersecurity has led Navarro to go all in with Oracle, adopting Oracle Cloud ERP, EPM, HCM, CX, and Student Financial Planning. Now, as Navarro College President Kevin Fegan, Ed., shared with Oracle Higher Education Development VP Nicole Engelbert in our June 2021 fireside chat, “With Oracle, Navarro College is going to evolve from the transactional to the transformational.”