Brief Summary on the August Coffee Break on 'All Things Population Update'

By Kristen McRoberts posted 08-21-2021 02:40 PM


The August coffee hour focused on “All Things Population Update”.   This was a great discussion around this very powerful tool that uses the Population Selection utility to update values in selected fields!  

Check out these past presentations on populations update: 

Important Takeaways:

  • For enhanced pop update:
    • The required fields in the bind record have to be in your output.  You need to change the heading text in the unique field name on the query to be the field that you are going to update. 
      • There are some quirks with each record, for example, for STDNT_FA_TERM, the heading text and the unique field name have to both equal the field name that you are going to update.
    • To allow for some flexibility, you could create an expression and use that as a field, if you have the heading and the unique field name equal to what the required fields are.

Use cases!  Uses Cases! Here are just some examples:  

  • Update pell census for multiple census dates depending on the student's enrollment
    • Create a query to identify which courses would count after census based on enrollment, session, etc and if it was different it would update the FA Term with their actual enrolled hours. It also catches people who dropped classes and were backdated
  • Update the verification flag and status, waive the checklist and add comments to adhere to the new guidance to waive verification. 
  • Update the effective status and aid year on FA Term (not delivered fields)
  • Change NSLDS loan year on FA Term in order to keep fall and spring in sync or to lock in the projected NSLDS loan year for the upcoming year

    Good news!  Oracle with start addressing the effective date redundancy issues identified - this should help improve performance!  They will be updating binds in relation to when they would normally deliver regulatory updates.  

    Here is a link to the recording:   Financial Aid Coffee Hour - August Recording

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    Mark your calendars!   The next Coffee Break will be September 16th on Setting up a New Aid Year!   

    Thank you all for the great conversation on Thursday!    It is great to be part of such a knowledgeable, helpful and amazing community!