What’s the Academic Advising Advisory Group up to?

By Nancy Fawver posted 05-29-2019 08:45 AM


The AG continues to meet monthly to plan for Alliance, to connect with our Oracle Product Reps, to hear from other HEUG groups, and to facilitate opportunities for our community to share and engage with each other.

One way we hope to provide community engagement throughout the year is to sponsor a few webinars on Academic Advisement specific topics. Watch for further announcements. If you have a topic that you would like to present to the community through a webinar, we can help facilitate!

Goals and Objectives 2019-2020


  • Seek opportunities to explore new AA functionality, provide opportunity for members to respond and give input.
  • Prior to Alliance, post reminders on the forum encouraging users to vote on enhancements in order to give the AG (Advising Group) further direction for priorities
  • Solicit alternates for future AG succession.
  • Encourage regional conference participation by providing conference information to the AA community


  • Facilitate AA community input on enhancements/development
  • Work with Oracle/PeopleSoft to evaluate and prioritize enhancement strategies for the year.
  • Participate on Cloud development focus groups with Oracle
  • Provide liaison representatives to SR AG and FA AG.

Building Community by Networking & Sharing

  • Invite the AA community to share best practices, relevant presentations and ideas for significant presentations at Alliance and through webinars.
  • Publish on the AA Listserv topics regarding new functionality, bug fixes, or under-utilized functionality.
  • Sponsor AA related webinars and presentations


  • Engage the AA community on topical issues through forums and blog posts.
  • Post Oracle announcements on Listserv within 48 hours.
  • Evaluate cross-functional issues, identify current needs and key players, and schedule cross-PAG meetings as required.
  • Publish at least two newsletters during the year.

We really appreciate the outstanding involvement of HEUG members at Alliance, regional conferences, on the list serve, and on advisory panels and workgroups.  Our collective expertise is the foundation of our success as an Academic Advising community. Thank you all!