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Quick transition from Classic Student Center to Fluid 

10-12-2018 07:41 AM

One of our main challenges this year was to get rid of a lot of mailings to students to inform them about their application, enrol and renewal status. Each year we send thousands of mails and reminders to inform them about open checklists. One of the ideas was to create a page in Campus where all the relevant checklist information was available so students can check their application status online. As we are still using the classic student center and we have a couple of customizations to prevent us of using the Oracle delivered Fluid student center we were looking for a quick solution. We chose to use fluid homepages in combination with the classic student center. The classic student center is accessible from a tile and we have put a fluid header on all pages.

To facilitate the application overview we needed a custom fluid page to display the checklist statuses with additional information, the delivered Oracle pages were too rigid and contained unnecessary information so we were looking for a quick reusable solution instead of creating a single component and page for this problem only. As we at the functional team are quite handy with the pagelet wizard and custom xsl we decided to see if it was possible to create a single reusable component to render a classic pagelet inside the fluid framework. This turned out to be a very simple solution with a lot of flexibility. As pagelets can be query based and can also be styled using custom stylesheets and JavaScript we now can create virtually every page with read-only information we need without the help of our technical team. In a Fluid look and feel and responsive as well.

In this session we will explain the technical details of the component, which only contains one page and a few lines of PeopleCode. And we will give you various examples of how to use the pagelet wizard in combination with Fluid and responsive design. This includes also a lot of tips and tricks for the underlying queries to make them secure for student use.

One other detail we incorporated in our new Fluid Student Center is dynamic tile information, for this we are also using pagelets. We will give you some examples and considerations what you can put on tiles, from student latest grades to simple hyperlinks.

Also included in this presentation are the various configuration possibilities and security settings involved in setting up fluid homepages and tiles.

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