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Exit Counseling via Email with Attachment 

10-14-2017 09:37 PM

How we switched Exit Counseling from paper letters to emails (with attachments) by using delivered 3C’s. Detailed setup for attachments to email communications. Attachment templates can be either a PDF or an RTF (will show as a PDF to student).
Briefly outline how to convert DOE Exit Counseling booklet PDF (available online) into a legible RTF (if you want to do it the "hard way"). Also cover how to setup using an existing PDF (requires access to an Adobe Pro edition).
Explain “bounce back” Outlook mailbox usage for regulation tracking purposes.
List several approaches to assigning Letter Code for paper communication to bounce backs (mail to physical home address).
Briefly cover some “don’t forget” items (update queries for both Letter Codes, etc.).
Cover how to be sure you are ONLY getting the student’s home email address (no school email address allowed).
Provide query we use to see how many Letter Codes were assigned since process log file only says “successful”.

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12-19-2021 12:30 AM

Hello,  could you please post the presentation materials for this?  Very interested to see.

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