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Leveraging Admissions Application Web Services and Fluid to Streamline the User Experience 

05-29-2018 02:23 PM

CWU currently has two open contracts with third-party admissions application providers, one for undergraduate admissions and the other for graduate admissions. Maintaining two outside systems in conjunction with our system has become a daunting task. Not only does performing multiple loads everyday influence system performance, but it's causing admissions processors to step on the toes of other processors. In addition, coordinating any changes with our vendor, no matter the simplicity, takes more time and effort than it should. After implementing Campus Solutions Version 9.2/PeopleTools Version 8.55 last Fall, the Enterprise Applications' leadership team realized the opportunity to bring the entire admissions application process under it's control.

In this presentation, I will focus on three primary topics; the drawbacks of the current (old) system, using the delivered Sample On-Line Application (SOLA) with AAWS, and making the delivered technologies work for the requirements of the University. Each topic will include several tips and tricks, lessons learned, and development considerations. Ultimately, my goal is to cover the entire process from concept to product.

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