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AHPRA reporting: from 3 days to 3 minutes - and other timesavers 

11-07-2016 02:01 AM

The reporting load for AHPRA has always been a burden to our production support team and the BA's who get drawn in to assist. At the end of the day it is pretty straighforward although EVERY semester was fraught with drama.
Report 1: All students current in ALL reportable programs - but don't use the actual program names/use these AHPRA approved aliases
Report 2: 60 days later - has anything changed for these students? Have any new students appeared?
Report 3: All graduating students - again with the aliases
Another time drain for production support - physically checking the entire QTAC Offer file for unexpected characters etc. before loading. With the same day offer rounds this has become untenable so we have developed a file checker process that locates and updates (based on a custom, fully configurable set of rules ) the offer file before upload.

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