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Automation Walhalla: a showcase of automating complex administration processes 

10-17-2017 09:27 AM

This presentation will show how Leiden University analysed a very time-consuming process and created a process diagram, which was then translated into an automated batch, using the deregistration process as a business case.

Before 2016, the Student Administration department handled every student deregistration manually (avg. 3500 per year). In 2016, a new automatic student deregistration batch process was implemented, which handled 3200 requests and left only 450 requests to be handled manually. The past year this process was optimized and the number of requests that need manual handling is expected to drop by at least another 25 percent in 2017.

This presentation will explain what steps were taken from start to end: from intake and analysis of the processes to the eventual automation, done with PeopleSoft techniques like SQL views (containing binary logic and aggregate functions) and the use of Equation Engine for improved performance.

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