Ms. Karen Tallett

University of Glasgow

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University of Glasgow



I am a Functional Expert at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, where I specialise in Student
Financials and Financial Aid modules of Campus Solutions. I have worked at the University for over 13 years, starting off in our Accounts Receivable department, I mastered the Universities financial business processes. I now use this knowledge into enhance Campus solutions, to meet the needs of the business.

I have been working with Campus solutions for over 10 years. My current role is to coordinate all financial projects between the business and the technical development team in order to improve and enhance current and new functionality. I also ensure our user requirements are met with developments, testing, and upgrades.

I attended my first Alliance conference back in 2015, in Nashville, and also the EMEA
conference in Rotterdam the same year. Since then I have been a regular attendee, presenting at all Alliance and international Alliance (EMEA) conferences.

I met the Young Professional Group (YPG) at the Alliance 2015 conference, and shortly after became part of the team.Since then I have been representing the YPG at Alliance and EMEA. 

I joined the Student Financials advisory group in 2020 - currently serving as the secretary for the group. 

I also chair the UK student financials and financial aid user group, where all UK universities meet quarterly to discuss new and existing functionality, and problematic areas to feedback to Oracle UK.