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Mayank Mittal is a Senior Peoplesoft Systems Administrator at University of Colorado, Denver CO. He started his professional career back in 2004 in a very interesting role where he had to play an MMORPG game, find bugs and report to developers and assist with fixing them (Loved it!). Later he got accepted in a Peoplesoft Admin role in 2006 and time just flew by ever since.

Mayank spent most of his Peoplesoft Admin role time in a consulting role where he got to work in several types of projects ranging from Implementation, Support to Upgrades. As time progressed, PS Admin role also evolved and he has been lucky to have evolved with it.

His passion for learning, problem solving and creating value adds for betterment of customer service, mentoring, automation have been a significant help during his career.

- PeopleSoft Deployment Automation
- Automating day to day activities
- Puppet
- Ansible
- Tuning
- Upgrades

- Senior technical resource on the PeopleSoft PeopleTools Platform team dedicated to delivering PeopleTools and related software as a cohesive service.
- Member of the Domain Architect group at University Information Services representing the PeopleSoft administration team.
- Implemented config management system at CU in the form of Puppet. Setup/configured Puppet master/agent infrastructure.
- Automated end to end PeopleSoft Deployment expanding the DPK's provided by Oracle.
- Setup Ansible for orchestration of various day to day tasks.
- With assistance of developer, created "Dev Control Panel" in Phire Change Control tool to provide Developers capability of performing tasks like bouncing app/web/prcs, compile cobols, delete trace files, etc.
- Currently working on implementing Log Agg solution for Peoplesoft using ELK stack.
- Extensively automating day to day repeatable tasks.

Presentations at HEUG:

- Let’s Understand SES in 3-Tier Architecture and Low Maintenance Model (2015)
- PeopleSoft Deployment Automation, Tooling to extend the DPK model and enable DevOps practices (2017)

In my free time:

- Spend time with family
- Love to play Cricket. Play for a club in Colorado Cricket League.
- Travel
- Music
- Video Games



- Renato Cayuela (Current reporting Manager)

- Jason Armbruster

- Jill Ibeck

- Scott Munson